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Tickets are available through TicketReturn and may be purchased at the ASU New Stadium Box Office or by calling 334.229.4551. The Leila Barlow Ticket Booth will open 2 hours prior to the performance.  Student and General admission prices will be posted for each show. 

Reservations and questions concerning performances may be directed to the Box Office. The Leila Barlow Theatre is general seating. Audience members will be seated on a first come first served basis, therefore reserved seats are not available. Prompt arrival is encouraged.



BFA Dance Auditions

Come see if you have what it takes to be a part of the ONLY complete Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Dance at any HBCU in the Nation! During our day-long audition process, you’ll take classes with our world-class faculty & get a chance to show us your unique artistry during the solo exhibitions. They only happen twice a year, so make sure to register and start the journey to a bright future in Dance.

August Wilson's Gem of the Ocean is the first installment of his decade-by-decade, ten-play chronicle dramatizing the African-American experience in the twentieth century. Set in Pittsburgh in 1904, Aunt Ester, a 285-year-old former slave, takes wandering fugitive Citizen Barlow into her home and guides him on a mystical journey toward healing his guilt over the crime he has committed. Click on calendar for tickets.

Blues to Jazz to Soul

If you can sit still through this concert, you’ve got more control than we do! Dance faculty James Atkinson, Lindsay Benton, and Kavin Grant have set pieces that will make you leave shaking your shimmy! Guest choreographers join to make this a spectacular celebration & an exciting journey through music that has its roots in African American culture. This concert is not to be missed. Get your tickets today . . . so you can travel with us from Blues to Jazz to Soul.

Black Love
Mother to child. Brother to sister. Friend to friend. Lover to lover. It’s expressed in so many ways, and it’s the thread that runs through the African American community tying our history together in ways that make it possible to not only survive, but the thrive. It’s Black Love, and this concert honors how it works to bring healing, connection, and strength. Tickets will sell fast, so order yours today!

There's a storm brewing at Orgon's house! According to his mother, Madame Pernelle, Orgon's family has become decadent and depraved. They're unable to see the greatness of Tartuffe, a beggar and holy man Orgon recently took in. According to the rest of Orgon's family, Orgon has been "taken in." They think Tartuffe is a hypocritical, self-righteous con artist. The twists and turns that these opposing outlooks cause are humorous and all too real at the same time. Director Nathan Jacobs puts a contemporary spin on this French comedy classic to create an evening of theatre you won’t soon forget.

3rd Annual BFA Capstone Projects

Seniors from our BFA/Dance Program showcase their choreography skills as well as their pristine performances in solo pieces during our 3rd Annual BFA Senior Capstone Projects. Two nights of small group works lead into the finale solo showcase that will help you understand the explosive growth of this degree program which launched in 2013. Admission is free for group works, but you can get your tickets for the solo show via the ASU website.

26th Annual One Act Play Festival
Seniors from our BA/Theatre Program showcase their directing, designing, and technical skills as their one act plays are performed and critiqued by Theatre faculty. The culmination of the Directing class, the one act festival serves as a punctuating moment for students before graduation. The student directors choose their own plays, have specific guidelines, a time limit, and many more requirements, but they always shine like diamonds. Admission is free for the play.

26th Annual Leila Barlow Awards

Our students work hard, so we like to celebrate them at the end of each academic year. Awards for Best Actor, Best Stage Manager, and Most Improved are only a few of the accolades given on that evening. Contact our office for more information.